PEOPLES GUIDE TO HELSINKI-PORTO was a community art project taking place in these two cities.People from both cities made an A5 size picture of a favourite place or any atmosphere of their city.

The picture could be a painting, drawing, photograph, collage and text. Each pic had a guiding element, like an address, web address, map, phone number or co-ordinates.

The material made in Helsinki was shown in Galleria do Palacio, Porto.

I stapled the A5- originals and copies of them on the gallery wall and painted the Helsinki skyline around them. The copies were for the public.

During the exhibit Porto people made A5 pics in the gallery. The material was later shown in Gallery Ava , Helsinki, the same way as in Porto.

The final part of the project is to make a prototype guidebook and get it published.

The concept of this project can be replicated and developed all over the world together with different communities.


Individual A5-size pictures made by Helsinki-people and exhibited in Galeria do Palacio, Porto.

Individual A5-size pictures made by Porto-people and exhibited in Gallery Ava, Helsinki.